Research Centers, Institutes, and Programs

UIUC's vibrant research community is home to a number of research centers, institutes, programs, and initiatives. Our researchers translate insights on problems such as global sustainability, feeding the world, and fighting poverty and disease into innovative products and technologies, policy recommendations with impact, and advances in education and community engagement. The list below is not exhaustive—please send updates to Tyler Wolpert.

Research Unit Name Abbv Email Phone Unit URL
Children and Family Research Center CFRC 217-333-5837 Website
Cline Center for Advanced Social Research 217-265-7845 Website
Coordinated Science Laboratory CSL 217-333-2511 Website
CyberGIS Center for Advanced Digital and Spatial Studies CyberGIS Center Website
Division of Animal Resources DAR 217-333-2564 Website
Emerging Digital Research and Education in Arts Media Institute eDream 217-244-1996 Website
European Union Center EU Center 217-265-7515 Website
Family Resiliency Center FRC 217-333-7772 Website
Health Care Engineering Systems Center HCESC 217-265-0648 Website
Holonyak Micro and Nanotechnology Lab HMNTL 217-333-2300 Website
Humanities Research Institute HRI 217-244-3344 Website
I-STEM Education Initiative I-STEM 217-333-9625 Website
Illinois Center for Transportation ICT 217-300-1488 Website
Illinois Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee IACUC 217-333-7789 Website
Illinois Natural History Survey INHS 217-333-6880 Website
Illinois Quantum Information Science and Technology Center IQUIST 217-244-3051 Website
Illinois State Archaeological Survey ISAS 217-244-4244 Website
Illinois State Geological Survey ISGS 217-333-4747 Website
Illinois Sustainable Technology Center ISTC 217-333-8940 Website
Illinois Water Resources Center IWRC 217-300-2101 Website
Illinois–Indiana Sea Grant IISG 765-496-6009 Website
Informatics Programs Informatics 217-333-4930 Website
Information Trust Institute ITI 217-333-3546 Website
Institute for Condensed Matter Theory ICMT 217-244-4268 Website
Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment iSEE 217-333-4178 Website
Institute of Government and Public Affairs IGPA 217-333-3340 Website
Integrated Bioprocessing Research Laboratory IBRL 217-333-3570 Website
Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute IHSI 217-244-8480 Website
International Institute for Carbon–Neutral Energy Research Website
Laboratory for Optical Physics and Engineering LOPE 217-333-2483 Website