Faculty Start-Up and Recruitment Funding


The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation has limited funds available to help support faculty start-up packages for hires that fall into the following groups:

  1. Faculty hires selected and approved as part of the Targets of Opportunity Program who also span more than one disciplinary area (i.e., whose start-up package is being substantially supported by multiple colleges).
  2. Strategically important faculty whose excellence will have a broad impact on the national and international reputation of the university. Examples of this last category would include world-renowned scholars who have received major recognition or awards (e.g., National Book Award, Pulitzer Prize, membership in one of the National Academies, or the top award from a large national society in the field of study). The awarding of start-up funds to these candidates will be at the discretion of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation, with input and advice from the Office of the Provost. Candidates who are spanning multiple disciplines will be given special consideration in this regard.

Budgetary support in these categories will be limited by the total number of requests and the availability of funds. Based on estimates of available funds, assistance from OVCRI is expected not to exceed 10% of the total cash commitment of the start-up package. Note that some funds are specifically available to assistant in renovations or for the purchase of shared equipment and are also limited.

Requests for recruitment support from OVCRI should be made by the hiring college's dean's office and should be accompanied by a clear statement of how the hire fits into the above categories, the impact the hire would have across college or campus, the full application packet including letters of recommendation, and a detailed spreadsheet of the start-up request. These all should be sent as a single PDF file to ovcrfunding@illinois.edu. Please note, requests for support should normally be made prior to extending an offer to a potential new faculty member. Any questions about the format or process can be sent to Sharee Robinson in OVCRI.


While OVCRI does not normally support faculty and staff retention packages, the OVCRI will consider exceptional circumstances. Deans should contact the OVCRI to discuss specific needs.