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“This Week in Illinois Research” is a weekly communication for the campus research community, from the Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation Susan Martinis. 

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Happy Anniversary, TWIR!

From the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation

At the tail end of the Spring semester in 2018, my team and I were contemplating a new communication from the OVCRI: a weekly blog to highlight the breadth of research excellence at Illinois and share information about relevant policies, events, and activities. 

I wasn’t convinced that anyone needed one more email, so we decided to launch This Week in Illinois Research as a small experiment—with an equally small distribution list. Since that first message, though, I’ve had so much fun announcing awards, celebrating achievements, and showcasing the many ways that members of our research community serve the nation and the world. After five years, I think it’s safe to say that TWIR is here to stay. Our readership has grown organically—so, if you have enjoyed the rhythm and focus of TWIR, please feel free to forward this message to your colleagues with the suggestion that they can also subscribe.

It’s been our custom to dial back just a bit in the summer, publishing twice per month instead of weekly. This week marks the start of that transition, and we’ll resume our regular weekly publication schedule in mid-August. Here’s to a wonderful summer and to many more achievements and accolades in the months ahead!  



P.S. Congratulations to all of our graduates—the largest commencement class in the history of the U of I, and one that heroically met the extraordinary challenges of an unprecedented four years.

Featured Stories

New NIH Grant to Fund Alzheimer's Research at Beckman

Jonathan Sweedler and Fan Lam will lead 

Project to Study Anti-Black Violence in Newspapers Receives Support from Mellon Foundation

Ryan Cordell is leading a new project exploring anti-Black violence in newspapers to "provide context

University of Illinois Scientists Win $9.5M to Study Emerging Pathogens

Researchers at UIUC have been awarded $9.5M from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to study how to prevent viruses from spreading among animals and humans.

Around Campus

The Faculty Entrepreneurial Leadership Program has selected its first cohort

The Faculty Entrepreneurial Leadership Program has selected its first cohort of 20 faculty across the three University of Illinois campuses. Twelve faculty were chosen from the Urbana campus, representing ACES, AHS, CI MED, Grainger, LAS, and Media.

Applications for HRI Reading Groups are due by May 31

Applications for HRI Reading Groups are due by May 31. Reading Groups may be formed around any topic or theme. HRI will circulate information about the reading groups to the campus community, with the goal of widening the reach of the groups and attracting new members.

The Community Seminar Series Playbook

The Community Seminar Series Playbook, a new publication developed by IHSI and Illinois Extension, describes a model for providing "valuable, evidence-based health and well-being information to the general public."

Congratulations to Emily Knox

Congratulations to Emily Knox, winner of the American Library Association's Beta Phi Mu Award. She was recognized for critical thinking on issues that will affect libraries in the future—namely, intellectual…

Check out the latest RDC Spotlight

Check out the latest RDC Spotlight! Research development professional Gill Snyder started having doubts about a faculty career during her first postdoc. Her second at Illinois helped her find a way to stay in academia. Now she…

National Landscape

The USDA has released its vision for cultivating scientific innovation and transforming U.S. agriculture for the next three years

The USDA has released its vision for cultivating scientific innovation and transforming U.S. agriculture for the next three years. The goal: making U.S agricultural and forestry systems more productive, profitable, and sustainable for all Americans. …

NSF's Spring 2023 Virtual Grants Conference

NSF's Spring 2023 Virtual Grants Conference will be held the week of June 5. Highlights include new programs and initiatives, proposal preparation, NSF's merit review process, and more.

Register to attend Beyond Broadening Participation: Research to Progress to Impact

Register to attend Beyond Broadening Participation: Research to Progress to Impact on Wednesday and Thursday. The workshop will focus on the recently released report, "Advancing Antiracism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in STEMM Organizations."

A recent AAAS report on R&D trends

A recent AAAS report on R&D trends noted that U.S. public investments continue to stagnate, while other countries are investing heavily. The U.S. is still the biggest R&D spender in the world, but 13th in public R&D intensity, 5th in private spending intensity, and 10th in basic research intensity. 

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has announced that it will reserve 23,000+ acres of public land in Nevada

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has announced that it will reserve 23,000+ acres of public land in Nevada for NASA's use calibrating instruments used aboard Earth-observing satellites. The BLM's decision means NASA can continue to use the site (as…

The House Science Committee is discussing possible updates to the National Quantum Initiative Act

The House Science Committee is discussing possible updates to the National Quantum Initiative Act, which is set to expire at the end of the fiscal year. The National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee will meet later this month to approve a report offering its own recommendations on…