Center for Wearable Intelligent Technologies


WIT's vision is to create a multidisciplinary, multi-institute, international-scale Center for Wearable Intelligent Technology, i.e., the “WIT Center”, which will be positioned at Illinois. The inclusion of ‘intelligent’ emphasizes that the Center’s scope will expand beyond the current state of ‘smart’ wearable devices, which predominantly focus on monitoring or activity tracking (e.g., Apple Watch, Polar heart rate monitors). Wearable intelligent technology (WIT) systems will not only track but will adapt their structure or function to assist the wearer autonomously and without need for intervention by the wearer or third party. These discreet and integrated next-generation devices and/or apparel will seamlessly interact with the wearer to improve human health, wellness or performance based on sound research supported by user-centered design, biomechanics, and social & behavioral science foundations.