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CERL Research Interests

CERL Research Interests

Areas of Potential Research Interest and Collaboration
Fall 2016

CERL Mission: CERL is responsible for developing and infusing innovative technologies to provide excellent facilities and realistic training lands for the Department of Defense, the U.S. Army and many other customers. In fact, the Army’s training, readiness, mobilization and sustainability missions all rely on excellent facilities and appropriate infrastructure. CERL directs its research efforts toward increasing the Army’s ability to more efficiently design, construct, operate and maintain its installations and contingency bases and to ensure environmental quality and safety at a reduced life-cycle cost. Visit the CERL website for more information. 

Following are some selected topics of interest for potential collaboration. Note that these represent some, but not all, of CERL’s research areas. 

  • Smart and Resilient Installations (Cities) and Operations
  • Adaptive Theatre Operations
  • Complex Training Environments
  • Host Populations Interactions
  • Nano-Degradation and Self-Healing Materials
  • Automated Robotic Construction and Resource Management
  • Climate Change Impacts to Built Infrastructure
  • Top Secret Facility and Expertise in Classified Subject Areas

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