What Should I Consider When Traveling Internationally?


What Should I Consider When Traveling Internationally?


This depends on the purpose of your trip and your destination. When planning a trip, you should carefully consider the equipment and data you'll be taking with you. Keep in mind that customs officials may confiscate or impose duties on anything you attempt to bring into the country, so you should avoid traveling with anything you can't afford to lose. If you're traveling to conduct research, consider the kinds of equipment you will need, and whether they might require an export license based on the nature of the equipment and the country you're traveling to. (The Export Compliance Officer can help you make this determination.)

If you are traveling to an embargoed country - Cuba, Iran, North Korea, (North) Sudan, or Syria - you may need authorization from a federal agency in addition to approval from the Export Compliance Officer and International Safety and Security. You may be prohibited from taking equipment, materials, and certain data to these countries. Contact the Export Compliance Officer early on in your process of planning a trip to one of these countries to ensure you have the best chance of obtaining any necessary approvals.

Another good practice is to back up your data - especially unpublished data - before you travel, and remove local copies from any laptops or other devices you travel with. Laptops are sometimes confiscated by customs officials and can get lost or stole while you're traveling, so removing sensitive data can help minimize the risk of losing hard work and violating U.S. export regulations. You can also visit the Technology Services website for other advice on securing your devices for travel.

Finally, if you plan to travel to an embargoed country or a country subject to a State Department travel advisory, you may also be required to obtain approval from International Safety and Security. You can find more information about the university's travel policies here.

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