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Legacy of Katrina, 10 years later

Robert Olshansky, a University of Illinois professor, head of the department of urban and regional planning and an expert in post-disaster recovery, closely followed the rebuilding efforts in New Orleans in the first few years following the hurricane.

Sequential voting in presidential primaries best way to winnow candidates

As the race for the 2016 Democratic and Republican presidential nominations enters the early stages, voters have a large pool of candidates to consider, including 17 declared candidates on the Republican side alone.

Paper: Absence of copyright has its own economic value, social benefits

A new study co-written by a University of Illinois expert in intellectual property law demonstrates that the value of creative works in the public domain such as books, images and music can be estimated at least as precisely as the value of commercially available copyrighted works.

Public pensions continue to lose to gambling giveaways, expert says

A legacy of giveaways to gambling interests continues to haunt the pension system in Illinois, a leading national gambling critic and University of Illinois expert warns.

Tax changes loom for state ahead of budget address, expert says

As Gov. Bruce Rauner readies his first budget address, expect him to propose changes that could have major consequences for certain demographics, a University of Illinois expert on taxation issues says. According to law professor Richard L. Kaplan, three issues – the taxation of retirement income, an expansion of the sales tax base and an increase in the cost of health insurance benefits for state employees – loom over the Illinois budgetary horizon as potential quick fixes for the revenue-strapped state.