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Research at Illinois

Research at Illinois

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has a unique breadth of research expertise, with world-renowned strengths in the arts, agriculture, business, the humanities, and the social sciences, as well as top-ranked programs in the natural sciences and engineering. Many of the technologies that enabled the modern electronic era were developed at the U of I, and year in and year out, we are among the top universities in NSF-funded research and development expenditures. Today, we’re building on that tradition, working to address society’s most pressing problems by doing what we do best—interdisciplinary research that drives positive change in our communities, our state, our nation, and the world.

Our focus

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Our researchers are exploring big-picture questions that can change lives, including work in:

Health and Wellness

Creating new devices that diagnose disease, unlocking the secrets to healthy aging, synthesizing drugs to treat illness, improving methods to rehabilitate wounded veterans, and developing systems that analyze and store patient data

Social Equality and Cultural Understanding

Exploring the ethnohistory of indigenous people, understanding the roots of bullying, studying the impact of pension reform, and addressing the causes of food insecurity

Energy and the Environment

Solutions for a changing climate, sustainable agriculture, access to clean water, energy solutions, and the implications of “smart cities"


The programs and infrastructure to support our mission

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Notable programs, infrastructure, and people support this work:

Collaborative Endeavors


Pathbreaking Research


World-Class Resources