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Guidelines for Submitting Animal Request Forms

Guidelines for Submitting Animal Request Forms

Campus policy requires approval by the Division of Animal Resources prior to procurement (vendor or transfer) of all species other than agricultural animals used in production units. See the procurement policy for more information. 


  1. To meet vendor deadlines and ensure the availability of animals and facility housing, the animal request form must be received by DAR no later than noon on Wednesday for delivery the following week. Any orders received after noon will be processed for delivery two weeks later.
  2. Animal order submissions for NIA or NCI must be submitted to DAR no later than 5pm on Monday for receipt the following week.
  3. Deadlines may be modified due to campus holiday schedules.

Approval and Vendor Confirmation

  1. The DAR administrative office will review each request prior to approval based on the current status of the animal use protocol.
  2. The research staff will be notified of any questions or problems with the request.
  3. Investigators should expect vendor confirmation with the anticipated delivery date by noon Friday for animal orders received by the Wednesday deadline.

Transfer Requests

  1. DAR approval is required prior to transferring animals to a different protocol or between DAR-managed facilities.
  2. Allow at least 1 business day to receive confirmation of a Transfer request approval.


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