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Division of Animal Resources (DAR)

Division of Animal Resources (DAR)

The Division of Animal Resources (DAR), in partnership with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, researchers, students, and regulatory agencies, is responsible for ensuring high quality animal care and for providing training in and consultation on the safe, humane use of laboratory animals in research and education in compliance with federal regulations and campus policies.


Controlled Substances

DEA regulations and DAR policy require that Principal Investigators obtain their own Federal and State of Illinois controlled substances licenses.  For six months, DAR can provide controlled substances to Principal Investigators, who have applied for but not yet received their controlled drug licenses.  While license requests are being processed, DAR is available to provide controlled substances (CS) for IACUC approved animal care and use protocols. CS provided from DAR must be used during DAR business hours, so that excess CS can be returned to DAR office for storage.    Please use the Controlled Substance Request Form to request CS. Submit this request form at least 2 business days prior to date needed. Requests are to be submitted via email

Each person in lab group who will be handling controlled substances must have a completed DEA Questionnaire on file at the DAR main office.  No person will be allowed to leave with the dispensed substance unless we have this form on file.

Obtaining a Controlled Substance License

State of Illinois
Illinois Controlled Substances License
Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
ATTN: Illinois Department of Professional Regulation
320 W. Washington Street
Springfield, IL 62786

Researcher Controlled Drug Registration- DEA Form 225
Kluczynski Federal Building
230 South Dearborn Street
Suite 1200
Chicago, IL 60604
(312) 353-1236 (New Applications)
(800) 478-7630 (New Applications in state only) (select “New Applications Online” in quick links section)
Controlled Substance FAQ-2-2012.doc 

Non-Controlled Drug and Supplies

Many Distributors have applied restrictions that no longer allow persons who do not hold a DVM license to place orders.  DAR has implemented procedures to assist Researchers in obtaining non-controlled drugs and supplies needed to facilitate research.  Investigators are asked to submit a completed Non-Controlled Drug and Supply Request via email for processing.  

You should expect confirmation that your request has been received within 2-3 business days. Supply orders will be placed twice a month (on or about the 15th and 30th of each month). Receipt of shipments may take up to two weeks for delivery.  Your contact person will be notified when the items are ready for pick up at the DAR main office.

Per Diem Rates

Per-Diem Rates for DAR Animal Facilities
The Division of Animal Resources per diem rates are based on an actual annual cost. View the per diem rate table below or click here to open a PDF. Rates are subject to change.

Per Diem Rates for DAR Animal Facilities
Effective Dates:  FY20 Actual FY21 Estimated (7/1/20) FY22 Estimated (7/1/21)
    w/ 3.5% inc w/ 3.5% inc
  Ind Rate Cage Rate Ind Rate Cage Rate Ind Rate Cage Rate
Cat $5.02   $5.20   $5.38  
Chicken (1 per cage) $0.97   $1.01   $1.04  
Chicken Containment (Room) addl to Chicken Rate   $31.91   $33.03   $34.18
Dog $11.01   $11.40   $11.80  
Duck $1.55   $1.61   $1.66  
Fish   $0.13   $0.14   $0.14
Frog, Bull/Grass $0.30   $0.31   $0.32  
Frog, Xenopus/Treefrog $0.13   $0.14   $0.14  
Gerbil   $0.63   $0.65   $0.68
Guinea Pig   $1.40   $1.45   $1.50
Guinea Pig ABL2   $4.09   $4.23   $4.38
Hamster   $1.40   $1.45   $1.50
Mouse ABL2 Static   $1.15   $1.19   $1.23
Mouse ABL2 Imm Static   $1.24   $1.29   $1.33
Mouse Conventional   $0.63   $0.65   $0.68
Mouse Imm Static   $1.15   $1.19   $1.23
Mouse Imm IVC   $0.80   $0.82   $0.85
Mouse IVC   $0.54   $0.56   $0.58
Mouse RQF   $2.13   $2.21   $2.28
Opossum   $0.82   $0.85   $0.88
Pig - Containment $6.60   $6.83   $7.07  
Pig - Farrowing $4.23   $4.38   $4.53  
Pig - Metabolic $2.17   $2.25   $2.33  
Pig - Standard $4.23   $4.38   $4.53  
Rabbit $2.30   $2.38   $2.46  
Rat ABL2 Imm Static   $3.14   $3.25   $3.36
Rat ABL2 Static   $2.62   $2.71   $2.81
Rat Conventional   $1.40   $1.45   $1.50
Rat Imm IVC   $1.77   $1.83   $1.90
Rat Imm Static   $2.62   $2.71   $2.81
Rat IVC   $1.16   $1.20   $1.24
Rat RQF IVC   $1.77   $1.83   $1.90
Rat RQF Static   $2.62   $2.71   $2.81
Reptile/Turtle $0.12   $0.13   $0.13  
Song Bird - Aviary $15.94   $16.50   $17.07  
Song Bird - Cage   $1.74        
Turkey $0.97   $1.01   $1.01  
Room Rate   $4.18   $4.33   $4.48

Download the Per Diem Rates (PDF updated 2/25/20)
Download the Per Diem Rate Comparison with Peer Institutions (PDF updated 01/12/17)
Download the ACS Per Diem Rate Survey

Fact Sheets

Staff and Contact Information

Main DAR office:
1 Observatory Building
901 S. Mathews
Urbana, IL 61801
(217) 333-2564 (phone)
(217) 244-7963 (fax)

Billing and Animal Order Inquiries:
(217) 333-2564

Administrative Staff

Lyndon J. Goodly, DVM, MS, DACLAM
Director & Associate Vice Chancellor for Research

Sarah Allison, DVM, DACLAM
Associate Director

Nicole Herndon, DVM, DACLAM
Assistant Director

Jessica Xu, DVM
Assistant Director

Chris Learned, BS, LAT
Assistant Director

Jamie Price, CBA
Business Operations Coordinator

Doris Matthews
Office Support Associate

Veterinary Clinical Staff

Group contact for veterinary technicians:

Cher Cain, BS, CVT, LAT
Veterinary Technician I

Raegan Carter, BS, CVT, LATG
Veterinary Technician I

Phaedra Hutchison, CVT
Veterinary Technician I

Jamie Ludwig, BS, CVT, LAT
Veterinary Technician II

Occupational Health and Safety Staff

Sara Myers, BS
Occupational Health and Safety Specialist

Animal Facility Supervisory Staff

Dack Shearer, ALAT
Laboratory Animal Care Supervisor

Edward R. Madigan Laboratory
Holly Clem, LATG
Laboratory Animal Care Supervisor

Institute for Genomic Biology
Holly Clem, LATG
Laboratory Animal Care Supervisor

Holly Fairfield, ALAT
Laboratory Animal Care Specialist

School of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Jamie Reed, LAT
Laboratory Animal Care Supervisor

Veterinary Medicine Animal Facility
Marc White, LATG
Laboratory Animal Care Supervisor

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get animals?
If the animals are coming from an approved vendor and are to be housed in one of the DAR Managed Animal Facilities – complete a request in the DAR Bio Access system.

Are there deadlines for requesting animals?
Yes, there are deadlines for submitting an animal order request. Please refer to Submitting Animal Request Forms.

Was My Animal Order Placed?
All animal orders received by the current weeks deadline should expect an email order confirmation that week between 8:30am Thursday and Noon Friday.

What if I want to import animals?
The Import Request Form and Animal Request Form would be submitted as outlined on the import request form.

What if I want to export animals to another institution?
The Export Request Form would be submitted as outlined on the form; the DAR Staff would then proceed with processing the request.

What if I want to transfer animals from one protocol to another?
The Animal Request Form is also used for this. The DAR staff will assist with the transfer of the animals, once approval has been given. Anticipate a 24 hour turnaround time for approval of these requests.

What if I want to transfer animals from one DAR animal facility to another, even if they remain on the same protocol?
The Animal Request Form is also used for this. The DAR staff will assist with the transfer of the animals, once approval has been given. Anticipate a 24 hour turnaround time for approval of these requests.

What are the per diem rates?
The Per Diem Rates page provides the current rates.

How do I find out if my protocol still has animal numbers on it?
Contact the DAR Office at 333-2564 or

Who is responsible for inventory/census tracking and reporting?
The researcher and/or his or her staff is responsible for completing the animal inventory/census sheet. Inventory/Census sheets that are not completed clearly and correctly will be billed the higher rate.
Training will be provided upon request, 333-2564.

How does DAR determine what C-FOAPAL to charge when animals are ordered?
DAR sets-up the animal care billing for protocols using the same C-FOAPAL provided on the original animal request form.

When does the C-FOAPAL Change?
The same C-FOAPAL will automatically bill to that protocol until otherwise notified by the principal investigator or their business office. Additional animal orders on a protocol that we are already billing animal care for will not auto-generate a change in the C-FOAPAL currently being billed if a different C-FOAPAL is provided. The new C-FOAPAL will be used for that animal purchase only.

How do I request a change in the C-FOAPAL currently being billed?
Notify DAR via email to and include the C-FOAPAL you are replacing as well as the new C-FOAPAL.

What is the time frame to change a FOAP for billing?
The FOAP must be emailed to DAR by the 15th of the month that the FOAP ends. The PI is responsible for billing FOAP not changed in a timely manner

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