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Microbial Systems Initiative

Microbial Systems Initiative

Microbial systems research has implications for the health, agriculture, and energy sectors (among many others) and Cari Vanderpool is leading an initiative to build collaboration across the entirety of the Illinois research community. Consider participating in this initiative—our research enterprise is deeply intertwined with our educational and outreach activities, and by thinking holistically about microbial systems we take another significant step in fulfilling our land-grant mission. 

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Microbial Early-Career Researchers Association

The Microbial Early-career Researchers Association is a networking and professional development group for early career scientists. All undergraduate, graduate students, and postdocs conducting interdisciplinary research broadly relevant to microbiome or microbial sciences are welcome to join. Subscribe to the MicroERA mailing list to stay informed about upcoming events or contact if you would like to be involved in planning and organizing events.