What Is an Export License and How Do I Get One?


What Is an Export License and How Do I Get One?


An export license is an authorization from a federal agency to carry out a specific export transaction. For example, you might need a license to carry a piece of equipment into a foreign country to collect field data; you might also need an export license to disclose sensitive data to a foreign national postdoc or grad student, even if they’re working on campus.

Not all exports require a license, but failure to obtain a required license before exporting equipment or disclosing sensitive information could subject you to criminal sanctions including fines and prison time. If you would like to export equipment or handle sensitive information in your lab, start by consulting the United States Munitions List and Commerce Control List. If your item or information fits into one of the listed categories, you may need to get a license.

Only the Empowered Official and Export Compliance Officer are authorized to apply for licenses on behalf of the university. If you think you may need a license, or have any questions about this process, contact the Export Compliance Officer.

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