What Is an Export?


What Is an Export?


Exports include shipments of tangible items, including carrying items in luggage, and transmissions of information to a destination outside the United States. The United States includes the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and other US territories (like Puerto Rico and Guam). The United States does not include US military bases or embassies in other countries: shipments or transmissions to these destinations are exports.

Some exports (depending on the item being exported) require special permission from the government in the form of an export license. Many other exports do not (depending on the country an item is being exported to). Certain kinds of exports may also qualify for license exemptions. For example, some exports where the item will be returned to the United States within six months, or where the item will be completely used up shortly after the export takes place, may not require a license. Check with the Export Compliance Officer to determine whether you qualify for a license exemption.

Certain transmissions or releases of information in intangible formats are also deemed to be exports. There is more information on deemed exports below.

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