International Students and Scholars

If you are employing international students or scholars, you must certify through International Student and Scholar Services that you are in compliance with U.S. export controls.

When you sign this certification, you are attesting to one of the following:

  • Either an export license is NOT REQUIRED to allow foreign persons to participate in your research or access equipment, software, data, or materials in your lab;
  • Or an export license IS REQUIRED to allow foreign persons to participate in the research and that you will prevent access to controlled equipment, software, data, and materials until the required license is issued by a government authority.

Even though you make this certification at the time of hire, you have a continuing obligation to make sure that international students and scholars do not have inappropriate access to export-controlled equipment, software, research data, or materials throughout the course of your research.

Another important consideration is hosting visiting scholars, including faculty, postdocs, and students from other institutions. Some universities, research institutions, and other organizations are restricted parties, meaning there are restrictions on your ability to share data with or provide access to certain technologies to individuals employed by these organizations. Keep in mind that any visitors receiving funding from a restricted entity should be treated as restricted parties themselves, even if they are not individually named on a restricted parties list.

You can find more information about restricted parties in the glossary, and additional information about controlled transactions in the Procedures section.