Access to Sensitive Technologies

Because some work at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign involves sensitive export-controlled technologies, access to those technologies must be carefully controlled, as required by U.S. law and university policy. Violations carry the possibility of significant penalties, including fines, prison time, and reputational damage.

Exports can occur without sending items out of the United States. Allowing international students and scholars to access controlled equipment, software, or data is "deemed" to be an export to their country of origin, even if the access occurs on campus.

If either of the following conditions describes your research, you must make sure you have considered access limitations to your lab, including your research data, software, equipment, and materials:

  • Your research is controlled either by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations or the Export Administration Regulations; or
  • Your research sponsor limits participation by foreign nationals or limits the publication of your results.

Even if your research is not subject to export controls because it qualifies as fundamental research, if you purchase, develop, or acquire export-controlled equipment, materials, or software, you must consult with the Export Compliance Officer to determine whether access restrictions are appropriate.

Even if international students and scholars will not have access to your lab, collaborations with international colleagues may still be subject to export restrictions. You are responsible for understanding what, if any, restrictions might apply to your work. Contact the Export Compliance Officer for assistance in identifying any such restrictions.