Research Security

Protecting Research from Academic Espionage

Inappropriate foreign influence on university research is a legitimate, non-partisan, and growing concern. UIUC's goal is safeguarding research from threatening foreign government influence as well as ensuring that our research environment is welcoming to all individuals and empowering them to work in a safe and inclusive manner with the highest ethical standards.

Our Philosophy

UIUC enrolls just over 55,000 students and employs approximately 1,900 tenure-track faculty. Annually, we have ~$700M in annual research expenditures. Nearly 20 percent of our students are from outside the United States, and we are perpetually among the top public universities in the nation in international enrollment. We have representation from more than 100 nations on our campus, including more than 5,000 students from China. Our faculty is international in origin, and we have significant alumni representation on the faculties of major universities in India, Taiwan, and mainland China.

We are proud of our reputation as a top-tier, public, globally engaged research university. Our faculty are among the best in the world at establishing new educational and scholarly partnerships. At Illinois, we believe that being a 21st-century land-grant university means we must be an international university.

Today’s society is global and interconnected. Information and knowledge have become forces of change and prosperity. And they are not hindered by geographic borders or lines on maps. But they are also the source of competitive advantage. For all of us in higher education, this accelerated flow of knowledge and communication has vastly increased our capacity. It has made it easier and faster to build networks that can bring together, quite literally, a whole new world of ideas and expertise to solve global challenges. However, we must balance our commitment to open exchange with our responsibilities to comply with regulations that bolster security and mitigate risk.


Kathy Gentry
Export Compliance Officer

Nick Dabbs
Deputy Export Compliance Officer

Andrew Collum
Associate Director for International Safety and Security

Brad Henson
Director of Purchasing