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  • Peter E. Schiffer

    Vice Chancellor for Research

    (217) 244-7179

    Peter E. Schiffer BIO

    Peter Schiffer is the Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he has leadership responsibility for the campus research enterprise.


    As Vice Chancellor for Research, Dr. Schiffer provides leadership for campus-wide interdisciplinary research institutes, promotes new research initiatives, and oversees the administrative and business processes that ensure the productive, safe, and ethical conduct of research at Illinois. Before joining Illinois, Dr. Schiffer served in a number of administrative, faculty, and research roles at Pennsylvania State University. Prior to that, he was on the faculty at the University of Notre Dame, and performed postdoctoral work at AT&T Bell Laboratories.


    His personal research focuses on artificial spin ice, geometrically frustrated magnets, and other magnetic materials. He has co-authored more than 200 papers and is the recipient of a Career Award from the National Science Foundation, a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers from the Army Research Office, an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship recipient, and he received the Faculty Scholar Medal in the Physical Sciences and the Joel and Ruth Spira Award for Teaching Excellence from Penn State. He is also a Fellow of the American Physical Society. He has served as the chair of the American Physical Society Topical Group on Magnetism and its Applications, the program chair of the Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, and the chair of the Division of Materials Physics in the American Physical Society. He received his B.S. from Yale University in 1988 and his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1993.


    Download a high-resolution photo of Dr. Schiffer.

  • Melanie Loots

    Melanie Loots

    Chief of Staff, Executive Associate Vice Chancellor for Research

    (217) 333-0034

    Melanie Loots BIO

    Melanie Loots is the Executive Associate Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She is responsible for policy development, strategic and tactical planning, implementation of the University Policy on Conflicts of Commitment and Interest on the Urbana campus, and is liaison to several cross-disciplinary campus units.


    Melanie has served on federal panels and committees, including National Science Foundation review panels, NASA’s SEDAC user working group, the National Research Council Committee for CODATA, and NSF’s Advisory Committee for the Office of International Science and Engineering, as well as organizational and program committees for technical conferences and the board of directors of the Great Lakes Consortium for Petascale Computing. From 1991-2000, she directed the Applications Division of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. Prior to joining the University of Illinois in 1989, she worked in drug discovery and information services at E. R. Squibb and Sons, a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey. Before moving into the pharmaceutical industry, Melanie received her Ph.D. in organometallic chemistry from Princeton in 1979, working with Professor Jeffrey Schwartz, and conducted postdoctoral research at the University of Chicago, working with Professor Jack Halpern.

  • Michael Brosco

    Michael Brosco

    Director of Research Application Development

    (217) 265-6419

    Mike leads the OVCR IT group, which develops and supports applications designed to facilitate research across the campus. This includes online systems for monitoring research compliance, funding programs and initiatives, researcher training, reporting tools, and OVCR accounting and business needs.

  • Stephen Burton

    Stephen Burton

    IT Technical Associate

    (217) 244-0279

    Steve works to design, code, and support the online applications provided by OVCR to facilitate research across the campus.

  • Jason Butler

    Jason Butler

    Director of Portfolio Budget and Planning

    (217) 244-2138

    Jason is responsible for oversight of the financial portions of all research programs within the OVCR administrative unit. He serves as the point of contact for all financial transactions and commitments for the OVCR.

  • Juan Chambers

    Juan Chambers

    Administrative Assistant

    (217) 244-7179

    Juan provides administrative support for the Vice Chancellor for Research and oversees the OVCR Civil Service support staff.

  • Kate Day

    Kate Day

    HR Associate

    (217) 300-8355

    Kate staffs OVCR searches and provides advice and guidance on HR-related issues such as promotions, behavioral adaptation, budget forecasts, and diversity/inclusion issues.

  • Melissa Edwards

    Melissa Edwards

    Director of Research Communications and Managing Director, Office of Proposal Development

    (217) 265-5446

    Melissa provides strategic research communications support for the University, managing the flow of OVCR news and information, connecting PIs with resources to develop and share research, promoting research events, and organizing the Research Communications Council.

  • Kelley Frazier

    Kelley Frazier

    Office Support Specialist

    (217) 333-6771

    Kelley provides administrative support for Cynthia Oliver and Melissa Edwards. She is also the primary point of contact for all Research Board/Scholars' Travel inquiries.

  • Maria Gillombardo

    Maria Gillombardo

    External Funding Coordinator—Humanities, Arts, and Related Fields

    (217) 300-3336

    Maria provides research and editorial services, organizes targeted information sessions for fellowship and grant competitions, coordinates proposal writing groups, and meets with faculty to discuss their research interests and grant-seeking plans. 

  • Lyndon Goodly

    Lyndon Goodly

    Director of Animal Resources

    (217) 333-2564

    Lyndon provides oversight of the campus Animal Care and Use Program. As the Institutional Veterinarian and Director of the Division of Animal Resources, he ensures that the university remains in compliance with federal, state, and institutional policies associated with animal research, teaching, and animal wellbeing.

  • Erica Hanson

    Human Resources Associate

    (217) 333-6897

    Erica staffs OVCR searches and provides advice and guidance on HR-related issues such as promotions, behavioral adaptation, budget forecasts, and diversity/inclusion issues.

  • Steve Holland

    Steve Holland

    Research Safety Systems Developer

    (217) 244-5652

    Steve develops and supports applications designed to help facilitate research safety across the campus. This includes online systems for monitoring research safety compliance, research safety initiatives, researcher safety training, and reporting tools.

  • Harley Johnson

    Harley Johnson

    Faculty Fellow

    (217) 265-5468

    Harley works with faculty to identify and pursue new sources of both sponsored and private external funding, provides assistance and advice to units and researchers who are considering large-scale strategic research initiatives, and oversees the process for selection of limited submission proposals.

  • Sue Key

    Sue Key

    Director of Portfolio Human Resources

    (217) 244-4592

    Sue is responsible for human resources activities, provides HR advice, and serves as the assistant EEO Officer for the OVCR portfolio.

  • Pradeep Khanna

    Associate Vice Chancellor for Corporate Relations and Economic Development

    (217) 244-3606

    Pradeep leads corporate relations and economic development activities for the campus.

  • Linda Lee Drozt

    Linda Lee Drozt

    Regulatory Research Coordinator

    (217) 333-8124

    Linda coordinates campus compliance with sponsor-specific conflict of interest (COI) requirements/regulations and supports conflict identification and management efforts. 

  • Jan Novakofski

    Jan Novakofski

    Associate Vice Chancellor for Research for Compliance

    (217) 333-6181

    Jan manages the OVCR units that provide investigator support and regulatory oversight for activities involving animals, biological safety, chemicals, human subjects, and radioactive materials.

  • Cynthia Oliver

    Cynthia Oliver

    Associate Vice Chancellor - Humanities, Arts, and Related Fields

    (217) 244-3154

    Cynthia leads OVCR programs that support the creative and scholarly work of faculty in the Humanities, Arts, and related fields. She also oversees the Office of Research Advising and Project Development and serves as Executive Officer of the Campus Research Board.

  • Sam Padilla

    Interim Research Integrity Officer

    (217) 300-6385

    Sam serves as intake official for research misconduct allegations and promotes training in the responsible conduct of research for the campus.

  • Ben Percy

    Ben Percy

    IT Technical Associate

    (217) 300-1748

    Ben develops and supports online applications designed to facilitate various research needs across the campus

  • Dave Richardson

    Dave Richardson

    Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, Sponsored Programs Administration

    (217) 300-7191

    Dave leads Sponsored Projects Administration, the office that supports the research enterprise throughout the entire lifecycle of an externally sponsored project, from proposal submission to award close-out.

  • Sharee Robinson

    Sharee Robinson

    Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research

    (217) 244-4430

    Sharee oversees the financal and human resource operations for the OVCR and portfolio units.  

  • Richard Sallee

    Business Administrative Associate

    (217) 300-3082

    Richard provides support throughout the limited submission selection process and assists with choosing submitted proposals.

  • Abriel Shipley

    Abriel Shipley

    Full Stack Designer/Developer

    (217) 300-5483

    Abriel provides web application, user experience, programming, and technological support for the OVCR and reporting units.

  • Evan Simpson

    Evan Simpson

    Business/Administrative Associate

    (217) 300-6232

    Evan provides OVCR accounting and business transaction support. He is also the departmental Unified Communications contact. 

  • Jason Vetter

    Jason Vetter

    Applications Analyst

    (217) 333-0034

    Jason designs and develops the underlying architecture used by the OVCR IT group to build online systems for monitoring research compliance, funding programs and initiatives, researcher training, reporting tools, and OVCR accounting and business needs.

  • Kraig A Wagenecht

    Kraig A Wagenecht

    Director, External Research Partnerships

    (217) 300-3911

    Kraig provides business and administrative support and planning for campus-level research initiatives and external research collaborations.

  • D'Anne Winston

    D'Anne Winston

    Office Support Associate

    (217) 300-3752

    D'Anne provides administrative support for Melanie Loots, Mike Brosco, and Jason Butler. She also provides support for routing the annual Report of Non-University Activities.

  • Tyler Wolpert

    Research Communications Coordinator

    (217) 300-1234

    Tyler coordinates and promotes OVCR news and information by managing social media, creating website content, and sharing research events.

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