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IGB Pioneers Seminar: A New Angle on the Maize Leaf

Sarah C. Hake, PhD from University of California, Berkeley's Department of Plant Development and Plant Architecture will present "A New Angle on the Maize Leaf."

CIRSS Seminar: Victoria Stodden on Elements of Scholarly Discourse in a Digital World

Abstract: Digitalization has changed the process of research in ways that have material impact on the nature of the scholarly record. In this talk I will outline mechanisms responsible for this change, and present a case for rethinking how research is disseminated and communicated. First, I present a taxonomy for conceptualizing technological changes based on four distinct types: data collection and storage; computational power; software; and communication.   Each of these types has ramifications for the scholarly record.

NCSA Colloquium: Subsistence Marketplaces

Abstract: The Subsistence Marketplaces Initiative ( at the University of Illinois and has pioneered the area of enquiry and practice entitled subsistence marketplaces which adopts a unique bottom-up approach to understanding and designing solutions at the intersection of poverty and marketplaces.


In its first two years, the Blue Waters supercomputer has advanced research and discovery in astrophysics, atmospheric science, biology, sub-atomic physics, seismology and a wide range of other fields. On April 6, Illinois Senator Mark Kirk will host a celebration of these achievements and of the vital role of high-performance computing plays in tackling the challenges of science and society.

SPIN Open House

All University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign undergraduate students are invited to attend this open house to learn about opportunities for paid, hands-on R&D internships at NCSA. Positions are available for summer 2015 and for the 2015-2016 school year.

The SPIN website provides a list of mentors and the projects they have available.

NCSA Colloquium: Expeditions in Distributed Scientific Computing

Abstract: To support science and engineering applications that are the basis of many societal and intellectual challenges in the 21st Century, there is a need for comprehensive, balanced and flexible distributed cyberinfrastructure. The process of designing and deploying such large scale distributed cyberinfrastructure however, presents a critical and challenging research agenda along at least two different dimension: conceptual and implementation challenges.

Partial Horizontal Gene Transfer and the Tree of Life

Gregory Fournier, PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Department of Geobiology will present "Partial Horizontal Gene Transfer and the Tree of Life."

Chambana Science Cafe

Ripan Malhi, Associate Professor in Molecular Anthropology will give a talk on,
"Studying Human History with Ancient DNA." The event will be held at PIZZA-M in downtown Urbana. Free pizza while it lasts!

NCSA Colloquium: Advanced Visualization Instrumentation

Light refreshments will be available after the talk. 

Advancing Research Computing on Campuses: Best Practices Workshop

Professionals involved in operating and supporting campus shared research computing infrastructure are invited to participate in this sharing of experience and expertise. Proposed topics include: