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Professor’s history of Coca-Cola also tells larger story of globalization

Coca-Cola’s history is one of innovation in image-making, outsourcing and other now-common practices of global capitalism – and of adapting to challenges from activists and movements resisting its practices, says an Illinois professor in a new book.

Marijuana use among Illinois teens unchanged but 'cool factor' increasing, survey finds

The number of Illinois high school seniors who think their peers perceive using marijuana as “cool” doubled – from 25% to 50% over the past decade, according to a new report from the latest Illinois Youth Survey.

Study examines impact of climate change on Louisiana’s Houma tribe

Louisiana's Houma tribe are especially vulnerable to climate change, but mistrust fomented by overt discrimination and forcible relocation complicates efforts to help them adapt to it, new research suggests.


Study: I-Promise grants boost low-income U. of I. students’ graduation rates

Freshmen from low-income families who received Illinois Promise loan-replacement grants at the University of Illinois were significantly more likely to graduate within five years, a new study found.

How does sexual harassment affect young women in physics?

In a study reported in the journal Physical Review Physics Education Research, nearly 75% of 471 undergraduate women in physics who responded to a survey offered during a professional conference reported having experienced at least one type of sexual harassment – mostly gender harassment – in their field. U. of I. anthropology professor Kathryn Clancy, a co-author of the report, talked to News Bureau life sciences editor Diana Yates about the study, which also examined the respondents’ feelings of belonging and legitimacy as scientists and scholars.

What was lost in the Notre Dame Cathedral fire?

Notre Dame Cathedral, severely damaged by fire this week, is widely understood as “the beating heart of France,” with global significance beyond that, says one University of Illinois historian in a Q&A. Another notes how a key aspect of music as we know it today was invented for the cathedral’s unique resonant space, a soundscape lost in the fire.

The heartland always a place of global connection, not isolation, author says

An Illinois historian dug into the history of the Midwest and found it’s never been the insular place of heartland myth, but full of global connections.

Illinois history professor awarded ACLS Fellowship

University of Illinois history professor Marsha Barrett has been awarded a prestigious ACLS Fellowship.

Study: Families spend half of their evening meal distracted by technology, tasks

When families gather for dinner at night, they spend nearly half of their time distracted by electronic devices, toys and tasks that take them physically or mentally away from the table, a new study at the University of Illinois found.

'Brexit' is coming – or maybe not. Why is this happening?

An Illinois political science professor explains some of the forces behind “Brexit” and why it’s so difficult.