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Illinois research maps extreme-heat vulnerability in Chicago

Two Illinois urban planning professors say responding to extreme heat waves has become more difficult in Chicago, as the most vulnerable residents have become more dispersed throughout the area.

Germanic languages and literatures professor named Getty Residential Scholar

Illinois professor Mara Wade has been awarded a Getty Residential Scholar Grant. She’ll use the residency to work on her book on the relationship between public monuments and cultural politics in the city of Nuernberg.

Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Illinois acquires Isaac Newton manuscript

The University of Illinois Rare Book and Manuscript Library has acquired a manuscript written by Sir Isaac Newton that includes instructions for making the philosopher’s stone.

Professor chronicles how Big Ten brought order to college football, then lost its way

U. of I. historian Winton Solberg tells the story of the Big Ten’s first half-century, focusing on the organizers and issues rather than on-the-field action.

Washington University expert on religion, politics to give Thulin Lecture in Religion

R. Marie Griffith, the director of the John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics at Washington University in St. Louis, will talk about political and religious disagreements surrounding sex when she delivers the annual Majorie Hall Thulin Lecture in Religion at the University of Illinois.

Job of a Congress member not one size fits all, authors find

The job of a Congress member is not one size fits all, say two U. of I. political scientists. In fact, there are five "legislative styles."

Illinois professor uses big data to research history of gender in fiction

A big data research study by a University of Illinois professor shows a decline in the prominence of female characters in fiction and in the number of female authors from the 19th century to the 20th century.

Portrayals of doctors in comics have become more realistic, nuanced

Depictions of medical doctors in comics have become less stereotypical and more realistic, says Carol Tilley, a University of Illinois professor of information sciences and a comics historian and scholar.

Emancipated blacks often targeted for relocation to the tropics

Every significant emancipation of black enslaved people in North America came with plans to relocate them to tropical areas, says a U. of I. historian.

Doctors played a role in ideas about racial differences

Physicians played a key role in defining racial differences in the age of slavery, planting ideas that have carried to the present day, says a U. of I. historian in a new book.