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When will the Venezuela crisis end?

Political science professor Damarys Canache discusses the plight of Venezuela, where nearly three months of protests have resulted in more than 70 deaths

Would a laptop and tablet ban enhance air travel security?

Computer science professor Sheldon H. Jacobson discusses the proposed Department of Homeland Security ban of laptop and tablet computers in the passenger cabins of certain flights.

Could France be the next chapter in a populist surge?

Marine Le Pen, a far-right candidate in France’s presidential race, could have significant future influence, says the associate director of the European Center at Illinois.

Is democracy on the wane in Turkey?

A recent vote on constitutional changes may mean Turkey is headed even further from its one-time status as a model for Islamic democracy.

Are law enforcement agencies abusing civil asset forfeiture?

The controversial practice of civil asset forfeiture gets a well-deserved bad rap, says U. of I. law professor and criminal law expert Kenworthey Bilz.

How might President Trump’s proposed education budget affect college access?

The proposed federal budget would continue to shift college access, affordability further beyond the reach of low-income, working-class students, says Professor Eboni Zamani-Gallaher

Is Obamacare worth fixing?

Tom O'Rourke, a professor emeritus of community health at Illinois, has spent much of his professional career examining the nation's health care system. He spoke with News Bureau Life Sciences Editor Diana Yates about the prospects for Obamacare.

With the demise of the Obamacare repeal-and-replace bill, what’s next for health care?

With the demise of the American Health Care Act all but rendering health care reform a moribund issue, tax reform likely will present its own challenges for President Trump and Congress, says Professor Richard L. Kaplan.

What does refugee vetting look like on the ground?

A doctoral student found that the vetting process for refugees seeking U.S. admission was long and intense.