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Dads' parenting of children with autism improves moms' mental health

Fathers who read to their infants with autism and take active roles in caregiving activities not only promote healthy development in their children, they boost moms’ mental health too, new research suggests.

New book offers look inside Teach for America

Jameson Brewer graduated from Valdosta State University with a degree in education in December 2008, just as the U.S. economy tumbled into the Great Recession. When the recession, coupled with Brewer’s limited experience as a student teacher, stymied his efforts to find a teaching position, he eventually signed on with the alternative certification program Teach for America, hoping the two-year commitment would provide the experience he needed to jumpstart his career.

New mobile app expands the outreach of SAWBO videos

Pakpoom Buabthong, a senior in physics, displays the Deployer cellphone app, which enables users to access and share animated educational videos created by Scientific Animations without Borders. Pictured with Buabthong are SAWBO co-founders Julia Bello-Bravo and Barry Pittendrigh.

College readiness declines when school focuses on test scores

Education reform policies that penalize struggling schools for poor standardized test scores may hinder – not improve – students’ college readiness, if a school’s instructional focus becomes improving its test scores, suggests a new study that explored efforts to promote a college-going culture at one Texas high school.

To improve diversity in STEM, fix higher education

The U.S. will make little progress toward changing the predominately white-male face of its science and technology workforce until higher education addresses the attitudes, behaviors and structural practices that undermine minority students’ access and success at college, a new study suggests.

Program reduces bullying by students with disabilities, study finds

Bullying perpetration decreased by 20 percent over a three-year period among youths with disabilities who participated in a social and emotional learning program, a new study found.

Education 'experts' may lack expertise, study finds

The people most often cited as “education experts” in blogs and news stories may have the backing of influential organizations – but have little background in education and education policy, a new study suggests.