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Holistic approach best for tackling nonmedical drug use, study finds

Health practitioners are constantly developing new ways to help those with drug and alcohol addictions wean themselves from their substance of choice. Most such programs have limited success, however. A new study finds that interventions that take a multidimensional approach – tackling the biological, social, environmental and mental health obstacles to overcome while also addressing a person’s substance use – work best for those hoping to stop using drugs.

Program for parents aims to help youths with autism successfully transition to adulthood

A 12-week training program will be offered in Naperville, Illinois, for parents of youths and young adults with autism so they can help their children successfully transition to adulthood.

Expert on academic equity, mindsets to speak at the U. of I.

Camille A. Farrington, an expert on academic equity and mindsets, will speak at a seminar on the University of Illinois campus on Nov. 14-15. 

OCCRL hosts conference on racial justice, equitable outcomes in higher education

Racial justice on community college campuses is the focal point of an upcoming institute in San Diego, the third such conference organized by the U. of I. Office of Community College Research and Leadership.

Financial education programs, income-based repayment plans promote prosperity

People with student loans who participate in financial education programs become better financial managers, building personal wealth after college, University of Illinois researchers found in a recent study.

Computer science education for Illinois children, teachers to be summit focus

The inaugural Illinois Statewide K-12 Computer Science Education Summit will bring together teachers, lawmakers and others stakeholders to discuss computer science education in Illinois schools.

Children use video games to explore science in two NSF-funded projects

U. of I. educational psychology professor H. Chad Lane receives $3.2 million from the National Science Foundation to fund two projects that use the video game Minecraft to explore big ideas in science.

How can educators, coaches support student-athletes’ academic success?

Coaches and educators should work together to help athletes achieve their full potential, U. of I. scholars and former collegiate athletes Joseph L. Cross and Bruce W. Fouke say in a new study.

Study: Black students receive fewer warnings from teachers about misbehavior

A new study of racial and ethnic disparities in school discipline found that black middle school students were significantly less likely than their white peers to receive warnings from teachers about misbehavior.

Parental involvement in children's schooling consistently beneficial, study finds

In a new study of more than 480,800 families, psychologists at the University of Illinois found that the more involved parents were in their children’s schooling, the better the children’s adjustment.