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Krannert Art Museum programs to bring art and students together

Krannert Art Museum aims to attract more students with new programs that include social activities, internships and free student memberships.

Krannert Center residency gives choreographer Jessica Lang resources to create new work

Choreographer Jessica Lang’s new dance piece, created during a residency at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, was inspired by the cultures and layers of history making up urban landscapes.

Illinois lecturer receives Eisner Award for ‘Kindred’ graphic novel adaptation

University of Illinois lecturer and alumnus Damian Duffy won an Eisner Award for the graphic novel adaptation of Octavia Butler’s science fiction novel “Kindred” that he created with U. of I. alumnus John Jennings.

Krannert Art Museum’s $10 million campaign supports acquisitions of work by female artists

Krannert Art Museum has expanded its collection by acquiring more works by female artists of the 20th century, with the support of a recently concluded five-year, $10 million fundraising initiative.

Using an electronic device counteracts benefits of taking a break in nature, researchers find

Using a laptop negates the benefits that nature offers in recovering from mental fatigue, according to research from the University of Illinois.

Work by Illinois dance student performed at national festival

University of Illinois dance student Krystal Collins choreographed a dance that celebrates black girlhood. It was performed at the National College Dance Festival in June.

Krannert Art Museum summer exhibition, events sharpen focus on photography

Krannert Art Museum’s landscape photography exhibition looks at our relationship with nature, includes workshops with noted local photographers.

Illinois design students create virtual reality scenarios for those soon to be released from prison

University of Illinois design students created immersive reality scenarios to help people who are soon to be released from prison learn how to meet certain challenges.

MFA Exhibition at Krannert Art Museum to feature work by art and design graduate students

Krannert Art Museum will feature the work of graduate students in art and design in its MFA Exhibition, opening April 21.

Illinois architecture professor designs transformable, adaptive structures

University of Illinois architecture professor Sudarshan Krishnan designs lightweight and transformable structures that can expand and collapse to adapt to a user’s needs.