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STARTmyDisclosures Video Transcript

STARTmyDisclosures Video Transcript

Every year, faculty and staff of the University of Illinois are asked to complete a report of non-university activities but this year, you won’t be shuffling papers. A new electronic disclosure process called STARTmyDisclosures is launching in August 2015.

This new web-based disclosure system offers several advantages over the old process.

The user-friendly interface guides you through the disclosure process and requests only the information necessary for your specific activities.

Once you have entered your information, the form is automatically routed to the appropriate reviewers and approvers.

You can easily see where your disclosure is in review process and all of your activities will be saved for use in future years.

Throughout the year, your disclosure can be edited and amended to reflect your current activities.

Training for the system is available online or you can contact your COI offices for additional training opportunities.

Thank you for helping the university meet all federal and state requirements.