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Big Data Hub Informational Meeting

Big Data Hub Informational Meeting

The National Science Foundation is launching a 10-year effort to create partnerships around big data and the management infrastructure for big data. The partnerships and infrastructure are expected to evolve around four regions (South, Northeast, Midwest and West), and NSF is calling for the creation of four Regional Innovation Big Data Hubs. Phase 1 of this effort began with a solicitation in which NSF expects to fund up to four proposals (one from each region).

Illinois is directing the effort for the Midwest Regional Big Data Innovation Hub. NCSA director Ed Seidel and Klara Nahrstedt, director of the Coordinated Science Laboratory, are leading this effort. The Midwest proposal is being written in collaboration with many organizations covering the broad big data challenges of the Midwest, which then academia, industry, foundations, and non-profit organizations can assist to solve. More information will be available as the process unfolds at

Nahrstedt and Seidel are seeking knowledge and input for the proposal from University of Illinois researchers who use big data in their domains and who would like to see a broad regional and national alliance develop solutions to the challenges of big data.

There will be two informational meetings:

  • 9-11 am Wednesday, May 13 in the Institute for Genomic Biology, room 612. Discussion will address potential faculty participation and contributions in the areas of Food-Water-Energy Nexus, Genomics, Bioinformatics, Life Sciences, Health Sciences and Digital Agriculture.
  • 1-3 pm Thursday, May 21 in the Auditorium of the NCSA Building. Topical discussion will be in the areas of Smart Cities, Advanced Manufacturing, Network Science, Transportation, IT Tools and Services, and Data Science.
Thursday, May 21, 2015