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Committees of the OVCR

Committees of the OVCR

The OVCR regularly consults with a number of advisory groups, including both standing committees and ad hoc teams. See below for a list of current committees and working groups, or click here for archived committees.

Standing Committees

Campus Research Board

Established in 1932, the Research Board serves the campus as a conduit for the distribution of funding to support tenured/tenure-track faculty members’ research projects

Board Members

Susan Martinis, Chair
Cynthia Oliver, Executive Officer
Pascal Bellon
Kelly Bost
Cynthia Buckley
Elvira Demejia
R. Christopher Fraley
Lois Hoyer
Jonathan Keeble
Christopher Leininger
Roderick Mackie
Leslie Reagan
Kelly Ritter
D. Fairchild Ruggles

Campus Scientific Diving Control Board

Ensures that all scientific diving under the auspices of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is conducted in a manner that maximizes the protection of scientific divers from accidental injury and/or illness.

Board Members

Rhanor Gillette, Chair
Bruce Fouke
Victor Jongeneel
James Slowikowski
Jonathan Sweedler
Mark Wetzel

Committee on Natural Areas

The CNA guides the research and educational uses of the University’s natural areas; coordinates and supervises the maintenance and protection of these areas.

Committee Members

Brian Allan, Chair
Carol Augspurger
George Batzli
May Berenbaum
Alex Harmon-Threatt
Gene Robinson
Robert Schooley
Leellen Solter
Steve Buck, Affiliate
​James Ellis, CNA Coordinator

Conflict Review Committee

Advises the Vice Chancellor for Research on the implementation of the University’s Policy on Conflicts of Commitment and Interest on the Urbana campus.

Committee Members

Jonathan Beever, Chair
Beth Namachchivaya, Vice-Chair
Scott Althaus
George Czapar

Alex Kirlik
Gary Olson
Paul Redman
Peter Sauer
Molly Tracy
Alexis Thompson
Elizabeth Stine-Morrow
Herbert Whiteley

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Federally mandated committee charged with implementation of federal regulations involving animals in research and teaching, including review of protocols for all animal use conducted on campus. Appointed by the Chancellor.

Committee Members

Joshua Gulley, Chair
Kelly S. Swanson, Vice-Chair
Sarah O. Allison
Linda Arseneau
Hong Chen
Jennifer M. Criley
Ryan Dilger
Michael Dreslik
James Fraley (non-affiliated member)
Dennis D. French
Lyndon J. Goodly
Jeffrey Hoover
Daniel Llano
Jan Novakofski, OVCR Liaison
Helen Valentine
Michael Vitoux (non-affiliated member)
Josh Whitson

Institutional Biosafety Committee

Works to protect the health and safety of faculty, staff, students, and the public from potential hazards associated with the use of biological materials and organisms in research or teaching, and to ensure the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign complies with all applicable federal, state and local regulations.

Committee Members

Carol Maddox, Co-Chair
Joanna Shisler, Co-Chair
Carrie Adkisson
Kaustubh Bhalerao
Robert Brunner
Kenneth Buenting
Isaac Cann
Elvira de Mejia
Lyndon Goodly
Kristopher Kilian
Mary Kraft
Kris Lambert
Jennifer Landolfi
Gee Lau
Juan Loor
Nohra Mateus-Pinilla
Andrew Miller
Sara Myers
Kannanganattu Prasanth
Adam Stern
Awais Vaid
Brenda Wilson
Jing Yang
Youfu Zhao

Linda Arseneau
Monica Miller
Jan Novakofski

Institutional Review Board

Federally mandated committee responsible for reviewing all human subjects research conducted at or sponsored by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, to ensure that it complies with federal regulations and campus policies for the protection of human subjects. At Illinois, there are two Institutional Review Boards (one for Social and Behavioral Research, and one for Biomedical Research).

Board Members, Institutional Review Board #1 - Social and Behavioral

Anita Balgopal, Ph.D. - Director, Office for the Protection of Research Subjects
Rebecca Sandefur, Ph.D. - Chair, Sociology
Diane Beck, Ph.D. - Vice-Chair, Psychology
M. Kathleen Buetow, M.D. - Medicine-Pediatrics, Carle Clinic
Sheila Ferguson, MSW, LCSW - Social Work Unaffiliated Member
Jennifer Ford, M.S. - IRB Administrator
Susan Fowler, Ph.D. - Education
Rhonda Kirts, M.S. - Office of the Dean of Students
Donald D. Owen, Ed.D. - Education, USD #116 Unaffiliated Member
Michael Twidale, Ph.D. - Information Sciences
Ken Vickery, Ph.D. - Graduate Fellowships
Howard Berenbaum, Ph.D. - Psychology
Kevin Tan, Ph.D., MSW - Social Work

Board Members, Institutional Review Board #2 - BioMedical

Anita Balgopal, Ph.D. - Director, Office for the Protection of Research Subjects
Patricia Jones, Ph.D. - Chair, Psychology
Kenneth Wilund, Ph.D. - Vice-Chair, Kinesiology & Community Health
Nicholas Burd, Ph.D. - Kinesiology & Community Health
Gillian Cooke Snyder, Ph.D. - Health Sciences
Belinda De La Rosa, MPH - Office of the Dean of Students
Lyndon Goodly, DVM - Division of Animal Resources
Yih-Kuen Jan, Ph.D. - Kinesiology & Community Health
Sandra Jones, M.A. Unaffiliated Member
Sean Mullen - Kinesiology and Community Health
Michelle Lore, M.S. - IRB Administrator
Nancy Pogue, Ph.D. - Nursing
Ada Sum, M.D. - Medicine-Pediatrics, Carle Clinic

Office of Technology Management Advisory Committee 

Works to support, guide, and empower the economic development activities of the OTM and enhance innovation and commercialization of faculty, staff, and student inventions and creative works.

Committee Members

Magdi Azer
Rohit Bhargava
Placid Ferreira
Kevin Hamilton
Heidi Imker
Wynne Korr
Ranjitha Kumar
Jim Lowe
Yi Lu
Deana McDonagh
John Melchi
Jose Mestre
Jennifer Quirk
Jacob Sosnoff
Ted Taylor
John Wang
Melissa Wasserman
Scott Wilkin

Plant Variety Review Committee

Makes recommendations for new plant varieties and crops developed by University of Illinois faculty and staff, including:

  • applications for Plant Variety Protection on new crop varieties via Plant Variety Protection certificate 
  • certification and release of new crop varieties 
  • terms of release of new crop varieties, including levels of fees or royalties to be collected on protected and/or release varieties
  • release of plant populations and germplasm

Committee Members

Fred Kolb, Chair
Martin Bohn
Pat Brown
Brian Diers
Jack A. Juvik
Santiago Mideros
Mark Mikel
Emerson Nafziger
Randy L. Nelson
Erik Sacks

Richard Denhart
Brad Edwards
Neal Merchen
Doug Miller

Radiation and Laser Safety Committee

Oversees the use of radiation sources and lasers on campus; and has authority to permit, deny or revoke authorization to obtain and use radiation sources and lasers at Illinois.

Committee Members

Scott Silverman, Chair
David Boehm
Richard Cahill
John Cronan
Brain DeMarco
Dana Dlott
Wawrzyniec Dobrucki
James Drackley
Gregory Elliott
Susan Hartman
Jongsook Kemper
Mauro Sardela
Lila Vodkin

Monica Miller
Mark Niswander
Jan Novakofski

Research Policy Committee

Appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Research in accordance with the Senate By-Laws; advises the Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor for Research, and the Senate on issues related to research policy.

Committee Members

Jennifer Bernhard, Chair
Alejandra Aguero
Nicole Allen 
Jeff Brawn 
Martin Camargo
Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko
John Caughlin
John Hart
Feng Sheng Hu
Michael Jacobson
Sarah Lubienski 
Susan Martinis 
Mariselle Melendez 
Neal Merchen 
Jeffrey Woods 

Roy J. Carver Biotechnology Center Faculty Advisory Committee

Advises the Director of the Roy J. Carver Biotechnology Center on policies, finances and operations, including array of services to campus, based on the interests and expectations of the faculty and departments who use the Biotech Center.

Committee Members

Lois Hoyer, Chair
Marni Boppart
Rex Gaskins
Matthew Hudson
Ripan Malhi
Stephen Moose
Jim Morrissey
Justin Rhodes
Charles Schroeder
Richard Tapping
Wilfred van der Donk
Rachel Whitaker
Bryan White

Bruce Fouke
Melanie Loots
Mark Mikel
Peter Schiffer


Groups and committees convened by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

Campus Research Administrators Working Group

Facilitates communication among senior unit administrators and campus administrators who have research as their primary mission.

Members are either administrators of units reporting to the campus administration whose primary function is the support of research, scholarly, and creative activities, or the senior administrator from each academic college whose primary responsibility is the support of research, scholarly, and creative activities. A CRAWG member will typically be the associate dean for research in a college or the director of an institute or administrative unit. Senior staff reporting to the VCR who have campus-wide responsibilities for research support are included ex officio, as are directors of units that are primarily focused on the translation of Illinois research. 

Working Group members

Gabby Allen
Sarah Allison
James Anderson
Steve Anderson
Matt Ando
Jennifer Bernhard
German Bollero
Robert Brunner
Marty Burke
Antoinette Burton
Martin Camargo
Nancy Castro
Arnab Chakraborty
Neal Cohen
Evan Delucia
J. Stephen Downie

John Erdman
Bruce Fouke
Laura Frerichs
Lyndon Goodly
William Gropp
James Hay
Nate Hoffman
Lois Hoyer
Heidi Imker
Vicki Jarrell
Eric Johnson
Harley Johnson
Patty Jones
Madhu Khanna
Pradeep Khanna
Jenny Kokini
Amanda Lombardo
Mark Mikel
Eric Minor
Bill Mischo
Jeff Moore
Michelle Nelson

Cynthia Oliver
Mark Peecher
Jennifer Quirk
David Richardson
Jennifer Robbennolt
Brent Roberts
Gene Robinson
Mark Ryan
Andrew Singer
Gabriel Solis
Jacob Sosnoff
Jeff Stein
Donald Takehara
David Tewksbury
John Towns
Kraig Wagenecht
Jeffrey Woods
Min Zhan

Ex Officio
Melissa Edwards 
Melanie Loots 
Jan Novakofski 
Susan Martinis

Diversity Committee

As part of a campus-wide effort, this committee serves as an Inclusive Illinois representative to connect diversity efforts in the OVCR with campus diversity efforts. The committee provides recommendations on activities the OVCR can undertake to have a positive effect on diversity and inclusion both in our units and for the campus.

Committee Members

Kamil Tamimie, Chair
Lisa Ainsworth
Suzanne Berry-Miller
Nancy Castro
Kiel Christianson
Margaret Huntt-Browne
Tina McGill
Rebecca Miller
Katheryne Rehberg
Joaquin Rodriguez Lopez
Mayandi Sivaguru
Kandace Turner
Helen Valentine
Christopher Wright
Wei Zheng
Jenell Hardy
Emily Scherbring

Faculty Profiles Advisory Committee

Guides the implementation of a new researcher profile system for the campus, working with staff from the Library and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research.

Committee Members

Beth Namachchivaya, Chair
Ximing Cai
J. Stephen Downie
Amy Edwards
Kevin Hamilton
Ashley Lawrence
Marilyn O’Hara Ruiz
Robert Markley
Robin Fretwell Wilson
Angela Wiley

Research Communications Council

Works to coordinate communications activities and campus information flow to support the work of the Illinois Research Community.

The group has three distinct charges:

  • To share information about events, discoveries, and policies that affect the Illinois research community
  • To develop and maintain best practices for promoting U of I research events and discoveries to external audiences
  • To build and support member literacy in topics related to research administration and the communication of science

Council Members

Cindy Ashwill
Tricia Barker
Charlotte Bauer
Bill Bell
Chris Beuoy
Andy Blacker
Laura Bleill
Cindy Brya
Kelly Delahanty
Melissa Edwards
Vanessa Faurie
Chris Harris
Sue Johnson
Libby Kacich
Robin Kaler
Alex Lake
Dana Mancuso
Tony Mancuso
Gina Manola
Bridget Melton
Brian Mertz
Ryann Monahan
Heather Murphy
Nicole Nair
Trish Barker
Leann Ormsby
Brad Petersen
Becky Ponder
Kent Reel
Maeve Reilly
Roxana Ryan
Deborah Seiler
Jan Slater
Rashmi Tenneti
Chantelle Thompson
Liz Touchstone
Heather Tucker
Allison Vance
Nick Vasi
Steve Wald
Elizabeth Westfield
Kristin Williamson 
Steve Witmer
Tyler Wolpert
Diana Yates
Lois Yoksoulian
Joe Yun

Meeting Minutes and Materials

Research Safety Council

Assists campus safety units in understanding how best to support the health and safety needs of investigators and to provide a channel of communication to strengthen cooperation between the safety units, principal investigators, and the responsible unit administrators. Convened by the Vice Chancellor for Research and the Executive Director of Facilities & Services. 

Council Members

Robert Aherin
Brian Anderson
Maureen Banks
David Boehm
Richard Cahill
Robert Fritz
Derek Fultz
Lyndon Goodly
Craig Grant
Stephanie Hess
Lois Hoyer
Feng Sheng Hu
Vickie Jarrell
Liang Liu
Robert Mann
Neal Merchen
Mark Mikel
Monica Miller
Sara Jo Myers
J. Mark Niswander
Jan Novakofski
John Orawiec
Greg Pluta
Paul Redman
David Scherer
Jeffrey Schrader
Lisa Shipp
Todd Short
Jesse Ryan Southern
Ken Tarman
Kristopher Williams
Robert Woodward

Social and Behavioral Science Research Initiative (SBSRI) Advisory Committee

The primary goal of this committee is to advise the offices of the Provost and the Vice Chancellor for Research on the development and potential implementation of the Social and Behavioral Science Research Incubator as outlined in the working group report. More information is available on the Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Initiative website.

Committee Members

Brent Roberts, Chair
Kara Federmeier
Craig Gundersen
Hillary Klonoff-Cohen
Chris Larrison
Bob Lawless
Kevin Leicht
Jeff Mondak
Silvina Montrul
Dan Morrow
Rob Motl
Andrew Orta
Brian Quick
Patrick Vargas 

Steering Committee for the Consideration and Implementation of the Humanities Working Group Report

Advises the offices of the Provost and the Vice Chancellor for Research as we consider the recommendations in the Humanities Working Group Report.

Committee Members

Antoinette Burton
Elabbas Benmamoun
Matthew Gilbert

Swine Facilities Strategic Planning Committee

Provides recommendations and suggestions to the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Research regarding swine research facilities at Illinois. Log into the Illinois Box system to view the final report.

Committee Members

Lyndon Goodly, Chair
Ryan Dilger
Sharon Donovan
Dennis French
Lois Hoyer
James Lowe
Hans Stein
Brett Stillwell
Matthew Wheeler

Ex Officio
Nohra Mateus-Pinilla
Jan Novakofski


OCR Visioning Group

Operating during the 2016-2017 Academic Year, the OCR Visioning Group evaluated how the campus engages with companies, how the Office of Corporate Relations can best assist Illinois students, staff, and faculty in this engagement, and how the Office of Corporate Relations supports campus economic development efforts.

Group Charge

The group was charged with looking at four particular areas:

Responsibilities: What should be the responsibilities of OCR in fostering engagement with corporations and how would those relate to the responsibilities of departments, colleges and other units? 

Resources: How should the OCR prioritize its limited resources to support multiple objectives with companies of varying relationship maturities and different relevance to various campus units? 

Activities: What activities should be undertaken by other units to increase the breadth and effectiveness of corporate engagement on the campus? How can the OCR best assist units in supporting the campus mission of economic development? 

Communications: How can the OCR best establish strong two-way communication with all internal stakeholders, so that its resources are well-used? How can the OCR and campus leadership best communicate the realities of corporate cultural norms and corporate relationship development lifecycle to faculty? How can the OCR and campus leadership best communicate the opportunities presented by engagement with companies, without creating unrealistic expectations? 

The group deliverd a report to the Vice Chancellor for Research in June 2017.  

Group Members

Paul Kenis, Chair
Magdi Azer
Jen Bernhard 
German Bollero
Steve Boppart
Brian Cunningham
Barry Dickerson 
Bruce Fouke 
Brendan McGinty
Jennifer Quirk 
Kim Surles
Janelle Weatherford 
Scott Wilkin 
Jeffrey Woods 

Ex Officio
Melissa Edwards


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